Pistachio varieties in Iran and the world

Pistachio is one of the important varieties of nuts in Iran and in the world. The English pistachio tree, probably called Pistachio, originated in Central or East Asia and is of various species. Pistachio varieties cultivated and cultivated in Iran belong to a domesticated species known as Pistacia vera. Pistachio trees are two-rooted in the sense that male and female flowers are produced on different trees and on one tree, both male and female flowers are absent.

The Benefits of Pistachio Daily Use That You Don't Know!

Pistachio improves cardiovascular health
Pistachio balances the nervous system and helps to lose weight and is anti-cancer. How does an edible brain that is high in fat and calories help lose weight? If you are moderate in consumption, edible nuts are high-fiber foods high in fiber and soluble fats that can help you lose weight.
Consuming as much pistachio can speed up metabolism and reduce cravings for harmful fats. The plant contains beta-carotene, procyanidins and fiber and is therefore considered one of the best edible brain for preventing type 2 diabetes. Regular consumption of pistachio reduces blood glucose levels and improves insulin resistance.
Pistachio is an iron-rich food that helps to prevent anemia on a daily basis. Following a varied diet as well as consuming vitamin C (citrus fruits, peppers, etc.) is recommended to improve iron absorption.

Important countries producing pistachios

Iran, the United States, Turkey, China, Syria, Greece, Italy, Afghanistan, Tunisia and Spain are the top two pistachio producers in the world. Given that the US has a high domestic consumption, Iran is the largest exporter of pistachios. Other pistachio producing countries include Madagascar, Australia, Kyrgyzstan, Jordan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Ivory Coast, Morocco and Mexico.

Living medicine

To keep your body healthy , you need a cup of dry, non-salted roasted pistachio for one cup and as much natural animal honey. Buy high quality honey. Mix honey and pistachios. Then strain into the mixer and pour into a glass of loose mouthwash, this mixture should be firm. Without a cover, put the glass in the sun for a week. The best month to make this mix is ​​summer. This elixir is ready after a week. Eat two tablespoons of this elixir each morning with a few tablespoons of yogurt. Be sure of the reaction and the result of this elixir. Increase pistachio in your diet. We recommend eating a handful of dried, unsalted roasted pistachios daily alongside this elixir. This diet will not only increase your body healthy but also ensure your heart health. Another suggestion is to add the pistachio kernel to a low fat salad or cheese and eat it with grapes (found in the grape season).